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"Rachel taught me piano for ten years, I don't think I would've loved the instrument so much if I had anyone else. She is a fantastic teacher who has an ear for every little detail and really helps and pushes you to be your best. It was a pleasure getting to know her so well over the time she taught me. It made every lesson great and made me want to work harder because I could look forward to learning from a friend."
"Rachel has been my teacher for almost seven years and I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. As well as been an excellent teacher, she ensures her lessons are both useful and extermly enjoyable."
"Rachel McGinley was my piano and cello teacher from the age of eleven to eighteen and i would recommend her  completely. She was able to advise me at every stage of the learning process; from the absolute beginning to auditioning for and securing a place at a Conservatoire, where I am now finishing my degree. She provides a wonderful example both as an instrumentalist and a musician. Besides all of these qualities you could not find a more supportive or dedicated teacher. My studies with her were the highlight of my week and remain a cherished memory.”
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